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We have four versatile, beautifully~zen rooms available.

Whether you're an instructor or just someone looking to relax,

we offer space rental for all occasions.

Wellness Room

Fully-Equipped Yoga Studio

Do your own yoga practice in peace,


Teach yoga the way YOU want to

and get paid directly from your students.

Community events, private parties, workshops, continuing education facilitators welcome!

Movie Nights

& Presentations

Host a presentation for your next team meeting! Want to share a podcast and discuss afterwards?

Have a list in mind of movies

that you think EVERYONE should see?

Facilitate your community event here!

Zen Lounge

Relax with Your Friends

Jam with your friends.

Study, work, or rest.

Hang out and watch the Roku TV.

Order take out from your favorite local place.

Aerial Room

Fully-Equipped Aerial

Yoga Studio

We have five colorful hammocks,

and space for seven total.

Available for classes, workshops, sound healing, Zumba, or private use.

Healing Room

Fully Equipped Massage Studio

Need a place to take your private clients

that isn't in your living room or theirs?



Hot towel cabinet, hot stones, cupping set,

Gua-Sha tools, memory foam, heating pad.

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