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-- Get 4 hours of space rental in any one room to teach your students or work with clients

-- Students/clients pay you directly through your preferred payment methods

-- Set your own rates

-- Make your own schedule

-- Be your own boss

-- No "non-compete" -- work anywhere you like!

-- Free marketing on our website and social media

-- At-a-glance opportunities to check availability in the Google Calendar for last-minute bookings


-- Get 4 hours of space rental in any one room to host your events

-- Get the member rate for whole space rentals

-- Collect ticket sales directly from patrons

-- Access to our Google Calendar to add in your own events


-- Get a display shelf to yourself in the Wellness Room with sample products and payment info

-- No additional vendor fees -- $20 per Community Event vendor fee is waived for members

    -- Applies to our donation-based Community Events

    -- Public events where someone is paying to rent space *might* require a separate vendor fee at the renter's discretion

-- Advertising on our website and social media

-- Share a booth at the Farmers' Markets and other festivals we attend

-- When space is limited, get priority booth space at all our events

-- Get invited to team meetings and members' only events

-- Contact Maria about selling in her metaphysical shop

To SELL in the shop or to VEND at an event, please contact Maria Saltijeral after filling out this application at (331) 257-8585 or

Visit, or just come in!

Call Maria for current store hours.

For SPACE RENTAL, please check the Google Calendar on the home page of our website, then call/text Emily/Sunshine Beaupre at (630) 465-5638 about options after submitting your application.

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