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Some of these procedures are meant for Zenistas, instructors, or therapists,

and not necessarily for general space rentals.

We believe in transparency, and this make information easier to access.

If any of these things do not appear to be accomplished,

please notify the person who rented before you,

or text Emily on the main line to ensure our efficiency at (630) 465-5638.


-- Unlock/prop the door downstairs to ensure your students’/clients’ entry

-- Put out our sign

-- Shut the door tightly at the top of the stairs if the heat/air-conditioning is on

-- Reset the thermostat to 68 in colder months and 75 in warmer months

-- Turn on all the lamps in the space and display cases

-- Refill and turn on diffuser

-- Connect music to the speaker

    - You may choose the music, but generally we like something upbeat, women-empowered, and famil​y-friendly

-- Check bathroom for supplies

-- Check the tea area and replenish teas, snacks, cups, etc.

-- Check water dispenser and refill if needed

-- Connect the iPad and turn on Square for easy checkout

-- Pull up MindBody to sign your guests in and create their account for our waiver

-- Make sure your own waiver forms are out and ready for first-time students (if applicable)

-- Set up the room you’ll be in

-- Communicate any issues with the other staff or Zenistas present


-- Clean the yoga mats, Swiffer the space, and put everything back where it goes

-- Check the bathroom for TP, paper towels, blue cloths, and disinfect all surfaces

-- Check the kitchen and wash any dishes your guest might have used

-- Turn off all the lamps and lights in display cases in all the rooms

-- Reset thermostat to 78 in warmer months, and 65 in cooler months

-- Leave ON:

    - Icicle lights

    - All colorful LED lights

    - Spotlights over the stairs

-- Close the door at the top of the stairs until it clicks

-- Push the door at the bottom of the stairs until it clicks and doesn't pull open again

-- Look up to make sure the door at the top of the stair didn't pop open

    - Very important to conserve energy so we're not heating/cooling the stairwell

-- Pay for your space rental via the PayPal QR code on the counter

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