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We are a relaxing maker-space for creative people.


We have four rooms that will suit almost any creative project, performance, or class.

 Musicians, singer/songwriters, poets, artists,

crafters, crotchet/knitters, painters, sculptors, candle makers,

and everyone in between has found a place here.

We are a venue for your next event.


Rent the whole space or a few rooms at a time.

Bring your own food or have it catered here.

Provide your own entertainment or hire one of our bands/artists.

Invite your own wellness professionals, or hire our providers for a private spa day.

We are a women-owned business collective of wellness professionals.

On any given day, our studio is alive with activity

Sunshine Aurora_001.jpg
Sunshine Aurora_037.jpg

A "hidden gem" -- once you find our entrance!

We welcome the public for daily wellness activities. 

Shop in our store, use our WiFi, peruse our wellness library, relax in a hammock, use our foot massagers or fascia tools, take a yoga class, or book a massage.

Some rooms might be rented during your visit, but you are welcome to book the space in advance for private use.  Otherwise, hang out and chat with other creative people.

We have free WiFi, teas, snacks, coloring books, and communal crotchet projects available during open hours. Book a room privately to enjoy peace and quiet in our beautiful, zen space for only $20/hr.

When the Wellness Room is open, grab a mat and do your own yoga flows, or choose from a list of prerecorded ones from local yoga instructors, and pay them directly.

To support our business collective, contact individuals directly about their offerings.

Sign-up with an instructor, book a massage, attend a community event or workshop, hang out in the aerial hammocks, watch a movie, or read a book from our library.

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