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If you are brand new to starting your own business, we are here to help.

If you need assistance with setting up your business, start here.


Once you set up these steps, you’ll be ready to add your other info:

-- Decide on a business name* (not necessary to start your first class or session, but helpful!)

    - First, check for your desired business name by doing a web address search to make sure it isn't taken by someone else first in and in

* It would be a good idea to also check your chosen business name across all social media marketing platforms to ensure that it's not already being used

    - If you have your heart set on a name for your business and it’s taken, you can modify it a bit so that it’s uniform across all platforms

    - Search also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

-- Create a business gmail account

    - If your current gmail is something like "GummyBears77," make a new one! ;~)

-- Create a Google Voice phone number

    - This phone number will be public and will be linked to your gmail account and your personal mobile number, and can be changed if you ever want to

    - Your phone number can spell out a word or be a certain combination that you like

    - The benefits are that it will also link to your gmail account and you will be able to read and respond to all of your texts and voicemail messages via email or text through the app

    - Keep in mind the area code that you'd like to use

-- Create your social media pages on:

     - Facebook

     - Instagram

     - Twitter

     - Pinterest, YouTube, Etsy… what will help you market most effectively?

-- Create an account in Vistaprint using your new business gmail account

    - Look through Vistaprint and decide on at least 3 designs that you like

-- Talk to an accountant to decide if you'd like to register your business as an LLC or remain a sole proprietor

    - We recommend Modesta Lopez with LaSalle Street Accounting 

-- Create a business bank account

    - We recommend Numark on New York St.

    - Blanca Monarrez is awesome and would be happy to set you up with one

-- Get business insurance

    - We recommend Alternative Balance or AMBP for LMTs

-- Set up online payment methods for our clients/customers

    - Venmo, PayPal, Square, and Zelle are all great options

-- Keep track of all your start up expenses and income

    - We recommend QuickBooks

-- If you have private clients, set up scheduling software

    - We recommend MassageBook for LMTs

-- Register your domain and establish a website host

    - We recommend GoDaddy

-- Choose a website builder

    - We recommend Vistaprint because it's easy and shares the same theme across all our business cards, flyers, etc.

    - Their customer service department is excellent even if you know nothing about websites

    - If you join the business collective, you'll get your own page on our website, so this step is not necessary but helpful if you're working out of other places as well

-- Choose a graphic design software

    - We recommend Canva Pro

-- Choose a mailing list provider

    - We recommend MailChimp

-- Choose a merch provider

    - We recommend Sticker Mule for all our stickers, buttons, and magnets

Some of these steps should be done in the above order since one thing naturally flows into the next, and some aren't necessary at all for what you wanna do.  Things like websites and social media marketing can be done anytime.

After you have all the basics down, or if you need support through all these new-to-you scary first steps, we are available at Zen Loft most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1-4pm to offer FREE wellness business consultations – complete with tea, snacks, and pep talks!

Text Emily on the main line to schedule an appointment outside these hours.

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