~  Workshop Facilitators  ~

Zen Loft offers the perfect space to host your next workshop!
We offer a professional attmosphere for you students to get the most out of their education.

We will provide:
Four 6 foot-long tables
8 chairs
Access to refrigerator and sink

Facilitators can rent space for $50/hour or $300 per day

Zen Loft Wellness Center, Inc. is a business collective of wellness professionals. 
Our staff take pride in their authenticity. 
All facilitators at Zen Loft represent our collective space.
We require that any person offering instruction in any area be credentialed within their field,
whether this be in health coaching, life coaching, nutrition, etc.
If you are making claims that you are a certified aromatherapist or nutritionist,
you must be able to provide qualifications from a credible source.

Thank you for your understanding!